FennX Learning Management System

Welcome to FennX, the next-generation Learning Management System (LMS) built on the powerful Open edX platform. FennX combines the robust features of Open edX with additional enhancements such as reviews and internationalization, making it the perfect solution for organizations and institutions seeking a comprehensive e-learning platform.

Key Features

Open edX Foundation

Built on the solid foundation of Open edX, FennX offers a scalable and reliable platform for delivering online courses and training programs.

Enhanced Reviews

FennX incorporates advanced review functionality, allowing learners to provide feedback and ratings for courses, instructors, and learning materials.


FennX supports multiple languages and cultural adaptations, enabling organizations to deliver content to a global audience effectively.

User-Friendly Interface

FennX features an intuitive interface that makes navigation easy for both instructors and learners, promoting engagement and retention.


FennX takes the renowned Open edX platform to new heights with its additional features tailored to meet the evolving needs of modern learners and educators. Whether you’re an educational institution, corporation, or non-profit organization, FennX provides the tools and flexibility you need to create, deliver, and manage online courses effectively.


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Our Clients

Don’t just take our word for it

Great product, we use it with more than 4000 students. Works like charm!
Marouan Benguettaia
Director at Jiltarjih Academy
FennX revolutionized our online learning programs, allowing us to deliver interactive courses to a global audience.
Ibrahim Houari
CEO at Omran

Our product in action

Discover real-world examples of FennX in action, driving learner engagement and success for our clients.

Rwad Academy

Jiltarjih Academy

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